Welcome to the Ask an Interface Manager blog series. This blog series focuses on answering frequently asked questions about interface management for projects. For each topic in the series, we ask experienced interface management professionals the same question and then share all answers in the blog. 

Being in the business of delivering interface management solutions & supporting interface management programs for more than 15 years, we've collected a number of FAQs for this series. We are also happy to answer your interface management questions. If you've have any of your own questions about this best practice, send them to us and we will do our best to get you an informed answer. 

Ask an Interface Manager Topics:

How do you structure project interfaces?

This month's topic focused on the question: How do you structure interfaces on your project? The answer to this question resulted in a series of 3 articles, one with a different perspective from each of the following professionals who have different experience planning out interface management programs: 

William Becerra Interface Manager

William Becerra
Interface Manager

Olivier Calas Interface Manager

Olivier Calas
Interface Manager

Kelly Maloney - Industry Advisor and Product Manager

Kelly Maloney
Industry Advisor

Series Articles:
  1. Planning the Structure of Project Interfaces by Kelly Maloney
  2. Defining Internal Interfaces for a Refinery Upgrade Project by William Becerra
  3. Structuring Internal & External Interfaces for an Offshore Project from Olivier Calas

Check back next month for answers to another interface management FAQ!

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