Revisions. Markups. Reviews. Transmittals. These are key elements of best practices for engineering document collaboration on capital projects, as they support control and maintain integrity for engineering information when shared across organizations. But the process can slow to a glacial pace, and the risk of losing control can escalate quickly, when your clients or contractors work outside of your designated system and start emailing files or copying them to folders in the cloud.

But... help is on the way. New Coreworx features now make it easy for project teams to support controlled collaboration and reduce the time & effort needed to process engineering documents. 

New Coreworx features for document control makes it easy for you to view, share, revise, and submit engineering documents around the world with all contracting parties. It offers productivity savers like drag and drop, concurrent online markup, and mobile access. And all activity happens in a secure, online work area separated, but not disconnected from, your official document repository and document control practices.  And the productivity continues with our new intelligent transmittals feature, designed for document controllers to more quickly verify and accept the collaboration results.

Ultimately, offering Coreworx Connect to your projects will translate into improved process compliance, a reduction in document processing time, and decreased project risk.

These are big promises, but achievable using the tools available via Coreworx Connect. Features that will provide the biggest advantages to project teams include:

  • Simple & Secure Collaboration Hub - new hub is designed for ease of use from any browser/device and simplifies collaboration for specific team roles. Its simple and intuitive front end securely exchanges information with external users while remaining connected to the powerful and flexible Coreworx Document Management System (DMS).
  • Controlled Collaboration - easily version and mark up official documents while keeping them tethered to your controlled document repository. No more exposing projects to risk by copying official documents to share via email or uncontrolled sharing sites.
  • Intelligent Transmittals - smart new technology, accessed via Coreworx Connect, that decreases manual effort required to create and process transmittals for files submitted from the collaboration hub.

These are just a few key highlights provided by new Coreworx features - there are so many features worth exploring. Be sure to read our article on Controlled Collaboration for more information on this game-changing functionality!  To see a live demo of the new Coreworx Connect doc control features, register for our upcoming demo webinar below.


Coreworx Connect Demo Webinar

If you would like to see all Coreworx Connect features mentioned above in action, watch our recorded webinar demonstration. To access the recording, visit: Webinar: Coreworx Connect - A Controlled Way to Collaborate on Engineering  Documents

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