Leader in project information management software unveils low-cost RFI offering with rapid implementation

Houston, Texas (September 21, 2017): Coreworx, a global leader in project information management (PIM) solutions for engineering and construction, announced today the availability of their proven Coreworx Request for Information (RFI) solution in a new Coreworx Express SaaS version of the software. This solution provides an online environment where all parties can raise requests for information and receive timely responses from authorized subject matter experts, with visibility to RFI status and trends. The system is implemented within days with a complete set of managed services at a low monthly subscription rate.

Coreworx RFI Express is a full-featured solution that includes all field-proven RFI process steps and features used by thousands of capital projects around the world. Coreworx RFI Express also includes ‘best-of-breed’ enhancements that have been rolled-up to the product from the most effective client customizations applied to this product over its lifespan.
Joel Gray, Director of Product Management at Coreworx, stated, “We’re very excited to get this and our other Coreworx Express releases, including Coreworx Change Management, out to the market. These Express releases allow projects to rapidly implement solutions to manage compliance and control risk while keeping the team focused on project execution instead of administering software or maintaining IT infrastructure.”

The Express deployment of Coreworx Request for Information (RFI) is delivered in SAS 70 compliant data centers and includes:

  • Hardware and software
  • Guided set up and roll out
  • Training
  • Maintenance of software updates
  • Unlimited data
  • Managed services for administration of users, security, and configuration


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