Congratulations to Saudi Aramco! The results of ENR's 6th annual Best Global Projects Awards were announced earlier this month and we were very happy at Coreworx to see the innovative King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) project, which Saudi Aramco was the general contractor on, received one of the top project awards.

ENR’s Best Global Projects Awards competition honours the project teams behind outstanding design and construction efforts over the past year. Once entries are in, ENR assembles 23 judges from around the world to choose from the competing projects to choose the winners within each category. To be considered for one of these awards, a project must include:

  • At least one firm working outside of its home country
  • The project could not have any construction-related fatalities
  • Construction had to be complete between January 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018

To determine the winners of these awards, judges examined ‘design and construction challenges, benefits to local community, and dedication to quality, innovation, and safety, with special emphasis on the diversity of global project teams and their collaboration.’ When judges evaluated the KAPSARC project, they found that it had met all of the above requirements, boasting a fast-tracking project strategy, outstanding safety achievements given 56 million work hours, and effective collaboration among stakeholders working together from multiple continents.

At Coreworx, we help projects everyday to overcome risks and hurdles associated with global project team collaboration. Coreworx Interface Management (CIM), for example, helps projects reduce interface-related risks that occur when contractors must collaborate with each other in order to successfully produce a final deliverable or scope package without any issues.

Experienced project professionals know that interface issues represent one of the largest risk areas to address in complex capital projects. Interfaces come in the form of internal, external, and third party – all of which represent risk and should be properly managed. Organizations use CIM as a tool to mitigate against the potential and significant risk of project delay, engineering variations, claims, and other costs associated with poorly controlled interfaces. Successful interface management programs promote and encourage frequent and effective communication. Coreworx provides the communication tools that give teams a central hub accessed globally by contractors to share information and exchange deliverables related to an interface in support of these programs.

Coreworx Interface Management provides global projects with the following advantages:

  • One central, globally accessible system containing the correct interface information
  • Elimination of ambiguity between stakeholders; roles and responsibilities at each interface are defined
  • Improved accountability and reduced contractor conflict
  • Early identification of potential issues between interface dates and the project schedule
  • Early indicators of potential interface risk via trends reports
  • A foundation to govern consistency of execution and data collection
  • Reduced rework and cost overruns

Congratulations again to Saudi Aramco for the outstanding work the provided to deliver the KAPSARC project!

For more information on ENR’s winning global projects for 2018, visit ENR Global Best Projects 2018.

For more information on our interface management solution, visit Coreworx Interface Management.

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