Adding Value Through Front End Planning

Every year, CII organizes research teams consisting of 18-20 Industry volunteers with academic researchers representing leading North American universities. Coreworx participated on the “Adding Value through Front End Planning” team and reported their findings and implementation resources at the annual CII conference.

Industry research shows that projects with intensive front end planning efforts perform markedly better in terms of total cost, schedule performance, and change orders than those with less intensive front end planning efforts. Our support of over 500 major capital projects worldwide has demonstrated firsthand the importance of FEED and the supporting work processes that are a core component of the Coreworx product suite. 

The main contributions this team made to the extensive CII body of knowledge that has been amassed over the past two decades include:

  • Front End Planning Toolkit v3.0: This latest release incorporates all available front end planning tools into a web-based application
    for easy deployment and adoption by both Owners and Contractors. The toolkit is focused on serving as both a training resource and a library of available tools spanning the first three phases of the project lifecycle (feasibility, concept and detailed scope). Information and tools cover three project sectors – building, industrial and infrastructure, as well as addressing the planning needs for both capital and shutdown/turnaround projects.
  • Special Publication: We released the conference edition of an implementation resource that will serve as a guide to help individuals and companies perform better front end planning and offer advice on developing and maintaining an effective front end planning program. During the Q&A period of our implementation session, it was very encouraging to see the majority of the questions focused on areas that were identified and addressed in this publication. Many of the questions related to best practices in implementation of CII’s Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) tool – the most widely utilized tool across all CII member companies. Key questions included:
    • How do you best train people to lead PDRI assessments?
    • Should the Project Manager or an independent person from the project team lead the assessment?
    • Are internal or external resources more effective?

 This special publication is now available in full release from CII via the CII Store.

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