Coreworx is excited to announce the latest release of its world-leading interface management software.

Release of Coreworx Interface Management 3.1.0 includes the best of the best! In this version, users will find a mix of new functions taken from our most popular and successful customer customizations and enhancements, plus a set of new market-driven features designed based on insightful discussions with our power users and our continuous involvement with key project and construction industry research organizations. And all of these new enhancements are driven by our goal of advancing the discipline of interface management.

Specifically built for complex projects with large scope and scale, Coreworx Interface Management supports the management and oversight of project interfaces, all facilitated through an intuitive and easy to use interface.

A key goal of this release was to support projects, and the management of interfaces, as they transition from engineering to construction to operations. The Coreworx team spent many hours working with leading industry organizations to develop best practices with regards to this emerging business process, all while being sure to consider the various delivery strategies as well as the varied contracting strategies used by major capital projects. This new feature is a strategic tool that will help to ensure continuous management of interfaces while maintaining historical decisions and discussions throughout all project phases.

CIM 3.1.0 Highlights:

  • Engineering to Construction Transitioning:Interface Points can now smoothly transition from engineering to construction while maintaining historical decisions and discussions
  • PDF Booklet: Users can export selected set of interface documents to a PDF booklet form
  • Supersede Interface Agreements: A new Interface Agreement can be added in place of an existing one
  • Reopen Cancelled / Closed: Cancelled and Closed Interface Points can be reopened
  • Enhanced Security Model: Administrators can grant early access / visibility to construction contractors, as well as allow ongoing access to engineering contractor as interfaces transition to construction
  • Interface Trends Report: An upper-level management report depicting the monthly progress of the interface program. Report displays a monthly overview of interface agreement planned progress versus actual progress (see report above)

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