Managing documents and information for a single pipeline is challenging in itself, but companies must manage this information for numerous pipeline projects. This results in an unwieldly number of hard and soft copy field documents to consolidate and verify for turn over and project close out.

The Challenges

Challenges of managing field documents include:

  • Pipeline field documents are both paper and electronic and are numerous
  • Records and storage locations are remote from asset making the search for paper records expensive and time consuming
  • No work process to ensure quality of information
  • The cost and time associated with regulatory and legal compliance with paper records is problematic
  • Handover to operations can cost as much as 1-2% of CAPEX and paper records only compound that problem
  • Direct input into a records management system is not cost effective nor can it ensure quality of information

The Solution

To improve the process of managing this information, ensuring quality data is collected and properly formatted for import into records management, a major pipeline company partnered with Coreworx to develop a turnover solution for their pipeline projects. Goals of this turnover solution included:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with regulatory and legal requirements
  • Improve field document collection processes and reduce risks associated with lost or misplaced documents
  • Ensure data quality
  • Improve handover to operations process
  • Reduce costs and time associated with maintaining paper records
  • Consolidate electronic and paper records in one searchable, digital location
  • Enable the retrieval of records based on GPS coordinates or mile marker

The Results

The international pipeline company who partnered with Coreworx successfully rolled this solution out across a first project, recouping the entire cost of the solution on that first implementation. Over the next 2 years, they used it on another 25+ projects with notable time and cost savings over previous methods.

Below is a diagram of the Coreworx turnover solution that accomplished all goals identified above.

Coreworx Turnover Solution for Pipeline Projects

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